Mark Shurilla & The Blackholes
Reality Hits
A Compilation of Blackholes Songs

2003 Session Recorded in Milwaukee, WI
Mark Shurilla-Vocals, Guitar, Percussion & Organ, Dan Mullen-Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Electric Sitar
Terry Garguilo-Drums, Rob Czarnezki-Lead Guitar,
Mike Dober & Caleb Alexander-Sax, Sleeks-Guitar

Ready For War

The 51st State

Assholes Gone Country

Fucked Up World

Nazis From Outer Space

Bone Cabin Crew

Who Put The Pot?

Disco Hot Dog

Come And Get Your Love

Mamma Fell In Love With A Rasta Man

Everyday Assholes

Killing Me Softly (Rap Song)

Pablo Picasso

Waiting For The Man (Riverwest)

Assholes (What Are They Good For?)


1988 Session Recorded in Gurnee, IL
Mark Shurilla-Vocals & Guitar, Rob Czarnezki-Lead Guitar, Terry Garguilo-Drums
Mike Bronstad-Bass, Laurie Kern-Keys & Backing Vocals
Dan Mullen-Backing Vocals, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Piano

Blitzkrieg Over Kenosha

Simple Music (For Minds)

Ballad of Ed Gein

European Son (To Blackhawk)

Blue Eyes Blue Angel

Nazis Without A Face


1979 Session Recorded in Milwaukee, WI
Mark Shurilla-Vocals & Guitar, Jim Eanelli-Lead Guitar, T.J. Allen-Drums
Junior Methol-Bass, Question Mark (?)-Keys & Backing Vocals

Warren Spahn (Radio Promo)

Warren Spahn

No Surfin’ (At Bradford Beach)